Thursday, January 12, 2017


Since the olympics this past summer, Anderson has been wanting to try gymnastics.  Because we were already committed to fall sports, he had to wait until January.

He has enjoyed the first couple of classes and grins ear to ear during them.  There are a couple of other boys from school in the class, which makes it even more fun for him.

A few pictures...not great because the parent viewing area is quite a ways away.

Running down to jump on the springboard

Learning how to jump.

 Doing a bridge...he's already much better at it.


Bar time - he's the one in blue hanging on the bar.

Trying for a pullup - he almost got up.

flipping around on the bar

He's at the far back of these pics...he got to climb up and go out on a bar over the foam pit, do a couple of swings and then drop into the pit.

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