Wednesday, September 9, 2015

School Update

The kids have settled in to the new school year nicely.  Anderson was sitting by Landon and talking alot.  I asked him one morning if he was going to talk that day and he said, 'If I still sit by Landon, I probably will talk.'  His teacher has moved the desks around and he's doing better...but we all know that he's going to talk regardless of who he sits by.

Owen has been working really hard at his self control.  He has gotten in trouble a few times for talking, but has shown quite an improvement over last year.  The behavior system this year is a week long instead of resetting each day like is has up until now.

He has only had to write sentences one time so was so funny that I snapped a picture of it.  The instructions on the front said he was supposed to admit what he had done, apologize for it and give a way he could avoid getting in trouble for the same thing in the future.

We are super proud that he received the first chapel award of the year for his class.  We are praying that he will continue to work hard on his behavior all year.  His 2nd grade teacher said she feels like a proud grandma to see him working so hard.  It was a nice reward for him to be recognized and we have encouraged him to keep it going all year long!

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