Saturday, July 25, 2015

Summer Fun

Just clowning around...and wearing a fake beard?

Fun play date with Papa, Grandma Cindi, Emmie and Addie

Off to summer camp!  Owen had an amazing time again!  Anderson gets to go next year!

Anderson and his 'Maddies' at VBS 

Looking handsome waiting for lunch after church. 

Anderson went to a Bulls game with a girl from his kindergarten class.  She told her mom she wanted Anderson to come because she hadn't seen him in so long.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015


Aaron had a wonderful trip to Nicaragua with a missions team from our church.  For the past several years, our church has sent a team.  Aaron felt called last fall to be a part of the next team.  Our pastor has said several times that the devil will attack when you are doing exactly what God wants you to do.  Man, was that the case for our family.  We felt like we were under constant attack from the devil for several months...starting with finding out Aaron's job would be eliminated, to costly car repairs, to challenging behavior issues with the kids and others things.  However, we praise God that he is faithful and was with us every step of the way.  My faith is strengthened and our family is stronger.  God has provided and blessed and comforted when we felt broken.  We are still working on trusting more and more (we both have some control issues!), but it has been an amazing experience for us to see God provide.  One of my fears when we found out about Aaron's job was if we'd be able to afford for him to take the trip.  God provided all of the funds needed through many of you who are reading this and through many friends and family.

Below are some pictures from his trip.

The team before they left

Few of a volcano from the missionary center where they stayed.

Kids coming to the missionary center to attend sports camps and hear about Jesus.

Kids at one of the VBS programs the team worked on.

Basketball camp

 They had a 'fun day' and went zip lining through the jungle.

One of the neat things about this team...they never know what they will be doing until they arrive.  Many of the other teams have had many people with musical talent...this group didn't.  But, the focus of this trip that the missionary team planned was sports outreach.  Obviously, that's a great fit for Aaron and it was for many on the trip.  So cool to see God orchestrate the details!



 Pastor Omar

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Holding down the house

While Aaron was in Nicaragua on a missions trip, the kids and I held down the house.  We celebrated the 4th of July with a pool party with our new neighbors.

Super patriotic with a flag shirt and flag swim trunks!

These pictures didn't turn out great, but I got some sweet snuggles to keep me company.

We took Steel for a ride in the car.  This picture make me laugh because Steel looks huge!  He's only about 30 pounds, but I think this picture makes him look about 70!

The kids spent some time with Grandma Juju (Thanks so much!) and got plenty worn out!