Saturday, May 30, 2015

Tooth Fairy Visit

The Tooth Fairy had to pay Anderson a visit.  K5 graduation, 6th birthday and first lost tooth all happening in 8 days was a little much for this mama!

The tooth was so ready to come out...but he was scared and didn't want us to take it out.  Mean mommy did it anyway.

The drama right after...

See the other one already up behind it?  It needed to come out!

All smiles!  The smile was even bigger the next morning after the Tooth Fairy visited and left $$ for his tooth!

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

6 Years Old!

How did 6 years go by so quickly?  Happy Birthday to our sweet, energetic, jokester boy!  You have brought so much laughter and love into our home.



Warm chocolate chip cookie cake that was then topped with ice cream...the boy has good taste!


 I hate that this picture is blurry...Papa gave him fake poop!  Aaron had tricked him a few weeks earlier and told him that Steel pooped in his room.  And then when Anderson was watching, Aaron through blankie on top of the poop to cover it up.  Of course, Anderson had a great reaction.  And when he found out it was fake, he wanted his own.  A few times over the following weeks, during dinner, Anderson said the blessing and prayed that he would be a good boy so he could go to the joke store and get fake poop.

 Big Fun!

Happy Birthday to my favorite Anderson!

Saturday, May 23, 2015

K5 Graduation

Isn't he an adorable little graduate?!

His kindergarten graduation program was titled, 'God's Kinder-garden'  They sang some cute songs and recited several poems, Bible verses and pledges.

Then it was time for the Pomp and Circumstances...


And then time for pictures.



With sweet Emma...these two were buddies from the start.

 His awesome teacher Mrs. B.

And equally awesome assistant teacher Mrs. D.  They were a great fit for him this year.

Then is was time for graduation lunch at party at a really cool outdoor play space.

They had so much fun sliding and swinging together!

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Field Trippin'

Spring brings fun field trips with school.

Aaron joined Anderson at the strawberry patch.

And Owen made a friend at the zoo with me (in the rain!).


Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Chapel Award

Owen finally received the chapel award this year.  He once again received his on the last chapel of the year.  Oh Owen!