Wednesday, April 15, 2015


So...I mentioned that the Easter Bunny brought them new knives...the new knives are very sharp and 6 stitches later, Anderson will testify to that fact.

He was supposed to be taking a shower...but decided instead to cut up a soap bottle.  The knife closed up on him and made a nasty cut across the top of his index finger (this was about a week after he got a fish hook stuck in his leg...boys!)

Waiting in the ER for some stitches...he was pretty pitiful and in a lot of pain...but he was having fun with these pictures.  They were taken back to back.

He did not enjoy getting the nerve block in his finger...lots of screaming!  But, he did watch the doctor stitch him up and was talking away to the doctor and nurse.  I think he'll be a preacher, politician or salesman!

 Grandma JuJu met us as the hospital and took Owen to her house so he didn't have to wait around.  After we'd been waiting for a while, Anderson teared up and said, 'Where's Owen'?  We reminded him that Owen was with Grandma.  He started to cry and said he wanted Owen.  So we called Owen and he told him what had happened so far.  We had to call a couple more times so Anderson could keep Owen up to date on the happenings.

We told him he could pick dinner...and he picked what every 5 year old would mean fish!  Owen was happy to see that Anderson was going to be ok...some very sweet brother moments!

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