Saturday, April 25, 2015

Hard Work

Aaron's new business has really taken off...for which we are extremely thankful for God's blessings.

The kids enjoy working with him whether it's at a job or at home.  Aaron let Anderson power wash part of our driveway.  These pictures do not do justice to the hilarity that was Anderson trying to walk in Aaron's boots and trying to stay upright while power washing.

Owen was such a big help on Courtney's deck that Aaron said he'd have to pay him.  He was a great holder and fetcher :)

Wednesday, April 22, 2015


Anderson had his first sleepover with a friend from school.  I think this sleepover spoiled him for all of the rest...William's mom took them for ice cream, to a bounce place, out to dinner and then he got to cheer William on during his soccer game on Saturday morning.

Anderson and Madalyn during Sunday school.  The kids were sent off to work on drawing ways they can worship God.  They were hard at work and looking so cute!

Owen had 'dress like a cowboy' day at school.  Here he is with another cowboy (Jose) and cowgirl (Indya).

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Super Saturday

Super Saturday at school is always such a fun time.  Owen was a big helper in his class booth and Anderson loved getting his face painted and playing with his school friends.  Anderson has enjoyed other years, but really enjoyed being a part of it as a student and going off with his friends.

Owen and the best 2nd grade teacher EVER!  Owen helped match the holder to the girls hair colors, cleaned the tools and handed the mommy's the tools when we needed them.

Anderson turning into a lizard?

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Date Night

I got to have a sweet date night with my big boy.  He picked Chick-fil-a for dinner and then we had a fun time exploring at Cabela's.

Trying on a hat to keep his southern head warm...

And then he tried out some boats for daddy...but we didn't buy one for daddy!

I love these sweet moments with my boy.  He is growing so fast and 7 years old has been a challenging age for us.  I treasure these special one-on-one times.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015


So...I mentioned that the Easter Bunny brought them new knives...the new knives are very sharp and 6 stitches later, Anderson will testify to that fact.

He was supposed to be taking a shower...but decided instead to cut up a soap bottle.  The knife closed up on him and made a nasty cut across the top of his index finger (this was about a week after he got a fish hook stuck in his leg...boys!)

Waiting in the ER for some stitches...he was pretty pitiful and in a lot of pain...but he was having fun with these pictures.  They were taken back to back.

He did not enjoy getting the nerve block in his finger...lots of screaming!  But, he did watch the doctor stitch him up and was talking away to the doctor and nurse.  I think he'll be a preacher, politician or salesman!

 Grandma JuJu met us as the hospital and took Owen to her house so he didn't have to wait around.  After we'd been waiting for a while, Anderson teared up and said, 'Where's Owen'?  We reminded him that Owen was with Grandma.  He started to cry and said he wanted Owen.  So we called Owen and he told him what had happened so far.  We had to call a couple more times so Anderson could keep Owen up to date on the happenings.

We told him he could pick dinner...and he picked what every 5 year old would mean fish!  Owen was happy to see that Anderson was going to be ok...some very sweet brother moments!


Easter was very special this year.  Anderson asked Jesus into his heart a few weeks before Easter.

Here he is going forward at church to make his public profession of faith.

He was able to partake of communion on Palm Sunday.  He was very excited to have communion as the kids had been learning about it in Sunday School.

They had a fun Easter egg hunt at Grandma JuJu's with their cousins...

The Easter Bunny came and brought them new ties, UNC shirts, spider cricket knives and candy.

We had a great service at church celebrating Jesus' resurrection and a egg hunt following...

The best I could get of them before church...sigh...



 And we enjoyed a fun afternoon with cousins and Grandma Sue doing an egg hunt and catching a fish.

Owen teaching Elise all about fishing...


And  he caught his first fish!

Anderson got in on the fishing action too...

My Dream Came True

One of the highlights from spring break was driving a backhoe with Uncle Steve.  Owen told Grandma JuJu that he's always dreamed of doing that and his dream came true.

Fun and Games

We enjoyed a fun afternoon with some friends at the skating rink.  As soon as I took this picture, they asked me to send it to their teacher....which she loved!

 The kids love to play games...lots of checkers and UNO around here!

School Happenings

Hard to believe that we are in the final stretch of 2nd and kindergarten.  It has been a great year and we will be sad to leave their awesome teachers.

Anderson's teachers do such cute bulletin boards.  In honor of Dr. Seuss' birthday...all of the kids were on the board with a different number.

And how cute is this life-cycle of a butterfly he made out of pasta!

Owen has had a couple of recent school projects.  One was to make a model of a Jewish home during Jesus time.  We started with a box and covered it in homemade play-doh.

Then added some grass to the top

And then built some stairs, a chest, some mats and a fire pit.

He has also recently completed his first research project on the yellow (Eastern Diamondback) snake in preparation for his upcoming field trip to the zoo.

A Boy and his Dog

I love this picture of Anderson and Steel...

Running together...

 Steel got neutered recently and had to wear a 'cone of shame'.  He did great with the recovery and is back to his playful self.