Saturday, August 30, 2014

Pastor Omar

Owen had a very special visitor to his class.  Pastor Omar from Nicaragua came to visit his class.  Our pastor has had a relationship with Pastor Omar for the last 10 years and several members of our church have gone on missions trips to Nicaragua to help Pastor Omar and the missionaries we support there.  Owen's teacher had the opportunity to go a couple of years ago and scheduled Pastor Omar to come talk to her and Owen's class when he was in town.  It was his first time on an airplane and his first trip to the US.  Owen's buddy Jose was a great translator to help Pastor Omar out. I asked Owen what Pastor Omar told them and he said, 'He didn't tell us anything.  He talked to Jose who talked to us.'

We also enjoyed having Pastor Omar at church the following Sunday.  Owen told me he is going to go to Nicaragua one day.

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