Monday, July 7, 2014

Sandlot Baseball

We signed Owen up for a local Sandlot baseball league.  It's basically organized pickup games and he moved up to machine pitch.  It's a great intro for him into 'real' baseball vs tball.

I was so nervous for his first at-bat...but he took one swing and hit the ball!

 He was excited to play catcher, but didn't really have any idea what he was doing since it was only the 2nd inning of his first game.  But, he had fun and that's the point!  He also looked super cute!
   Anderson was cute just hanging around and watching his big brother.  He asked if he was going to get to play too and when I said no, he said, 'Yes, I get to play in the dirt!'  And he did play in the dirt...and didn't get yelled at for it.  He spent a fair amount of time getting yelled at for playing in the dirt during tball games.

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