Monday, June 30, 2014

5 Year Stats

Anderson had his 5 year check up....complete with 4 mean shots.  He was most unhappy with the shots.  When his teacher at summer camp asked if he was brave for his shots he replied with an accurate, 'nope.'  In his defense, he was pretty worn out from the week of VBS...being tired makes it hurt more.

He weighed in at 41 pounds (50th percentile) and measured in at 42 inches (27th percentile).  He moved up from the 25th percentile in height from his 4 year.  He's slowly trucking along.

He also had his kindergarten vision and hearing screening which he aced.  He did some dancing for the nurses and was his normal crazy self until the shots showed up.  Poor least he is done with them now for several years.

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