Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Owen Update

Owen waited patiently all year for his turn to receive the chapel award.



I stumbled upon this homemade fishing license he made and tucked away in his wallet.
 The nice note he wrote his teacher for Teacher Appreciation Week.
 We have been waiting all year for neat handwriting...I'm still not certain if he actually wrote this or not...it's quite a change from the usual messy homework assignments.

Owen has really taken to reading...so fun to see him enjoying it so much.  He can pretty much read anything now.  He asks to go to the library and has been reading through several chapter books at a time.  He loves the chance to stay up 30 minutes later at night and read.

And a note he wrote in his mini journal about Easter...guess the stop for slim jims was important!

And finally, after 6 years and 11 months (to the day), this happened...
He has been waiting so long for it.  They have a tooth chart in their classroom and he was the only student yet to lose a tooth (he is also one of, if not the youngest in the class).  He was super excited to let his teacher know and very excited to find that the Tooth Fairy visited last night.  I'm glad he gets to get his name on the chart even if he only has 3 full days and 3 half days left of 1st grade...yikes...not sure where this year has gone!

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