Monday, May 26, 2014

He's 5!!

And just like that, Anderson turned 5!  The past 5 years have flown by...I can't imagine our life without this kid.

What a sweet little crazy ball of energy and laughs!  He loves Jesus, his family and superman.  He is small, but strong.  He is smart and witty.  He gives great hugs and tells us all the time how much he loves us.  He cannot wait for kindergarten.  I love that little guy (and his big brothers and daddy) so much I think my heart may burst sometimes.

We celebrated his birthday with a big water slide, family and friends from school.  He was so excited for his friends to arrive.

Looks like he loved his UA Superman shirt...Good thing he got a few other superman shirts because that's all he wears!

 Love Owen's expression here.  Owen loves giving gifts and was so excited for Anderson to open what he picked out for him...the movie Frozen.

 The awesome waterslide. 

 We had to go inside to do the candles...the wind kept blowing them out outside.

What a great day celebrating our big 5 year old!

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