Sunday, May 4, 2014

Happy Easter

We had a wonderful Easter.  Aaron had a short-notice change of game assignments that got him home late Saturday night, but then gave him all of Easter Sunday with us.  We enjoyed the day as a family and spent some much needed time together.

All day Good Friday, Anderson kept reminding me that Friday was the sad day, but Sunday was the happy day.  He was real into the meaning of Easter this year which we loved.

Aaron had to make an emergency stop for the Easter Bunny on his way home.  When I was tucking Owen in on Saturday night, he said, 'all I want the Easter Bunny to bring me is Slim Jims.'  To which I replied, 'the Easter Bunny doesn't always bring Slim Jims.'  And then he said, 'yes, he does.  He did last year.'

So here are the baskets pre-Slim Jims (I was asleep when they were added and the kids got to the baskets before me on Easter morning).  And yes, the Easter Bunny has been told that Slim Jims are required next year!
We went candy-light on the baskets this year.  The books in the basket are the Frog and Toad collection, which has been a big hit with Owen and There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly.  Shortly after I bought Anderson's book, he came home from school talking about it and has loved having his own copy.  They were also excited to get mid-calf sock...although there are more over the knee socks for Anderson.  And, he gets mad at them when they don't stay above his knee when he bends.  Tape...what is it with kids and tape?  They will spend hours with paper, tape and crayons!  They got sunglasses cases like daddy's and UNC lapel pins.

Anderson wasn't in the best mood before church and Owen said it was too bright...and we got this gem!
 My handsome fellas!
Anderson was complaining of a hurt foot...but he was magically fine after daddy carried him into church.

The Easter church service was awesome!  Fifteen people accepted Jesus as their Savior and Lord!  Owen leaned over to me during church and said, 'This is my heavenly birthday.'

Owen was super excited that his buddy Jose from school and his family came.  As Jose was leaving, Owen and Jose made plans to coordinate their socks for the following school day.  I cannot believe how big Owen is getting!

Easter egg hunt pictures from after church...

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