Saturday, March 22, 2014

Opening Day 2014

Baseball opening day brought a beautiful warm sunny day, team pictures and a double header.

The car ride to the fields, Owen was saying that he was going to hit a home run.  He just happened to be the last batter in the lineup the first game, so he did get his home run.  And he was so much more animated about it than we are used to seeing him.  They both had such a fun day.  Big Thank You to the grandparents for coming to cheer on the little sluggers!
The day in pictures...
 Taking the field for the first time.
  Anderson, No. 16 running to first.
 Owen, No. 10 heading up to bat.
 Owen playing 3rd base...Anderson at short stop looking for rocks.

 Still picking up rocks...
 The pile up that ensues after 9 of the 11 tballers races to the outfield to field the ball that got by all of them in the infield.
 Owen on 3rd base
 Lunch w/ Grandma...It only took about 25 tries for a picture that had both boys smiling and looking at the camera.
 Anderson playing pitcher.  The coach drew a line in the dirt for him to stand on...but after chasing the ball all around the field, he had a hard time finding it.  The coach thought he wasn't paying attention because he was looking at the ground wandering around...but I knew what he was doing b/c every time he found it he'd dramatically put both feet on it and get in fielding position.
 A closer up pileup.
 Owen hitting.
 Anderson on 2nd...he's so little out there!
 Owen on 2nd.
 Anderson hitting.

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