Thursday, March 13, 2014

Oh, Owen!

This one is pretty funny too...but more in an accidental way.

I was teasing him while we were at a Chinese restaurant waiting for our food. I told him I ordered him the PuPu platter.  He said, it's not really poo-poo, that's just French.

He asked Aaron if he'd like some granola.  When Aaron declined, he said, 'But it has toucans in it.'  There aren't actually toucans in it, but there are pecans.

Riding to school, he told me he was going to sit up nice and tall and have good apostrophe at school that day.

He's pretty sweet too...
He has a goal of reading 150 books this school year and we are running out of books around the house to read.  A chapter in the Bible counts as a book.  He's enjoying learning about Moses in Bible time at school and asked to read through Exodus.  He is so cute when he is reading.  He stops to tell us what is going to happen next.  I love that he loves the Bible.

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