Saturday, February 1, 2014

Snow Day Activities

The kids and I made a batch of soft pretzels on one of our snow days...I have lots of warm memories making yummy treats on snowy days growing up.  These were really good!

And I thought I'd share a recent piece of school work that came home...
I admit...I laughed at the bottom right and needed him to translate for me.  It's bow tie :)

The kids did a great job entertaining themselves over our snow days...which was helpful because I still needed to work.  Lots of imaginative play that I love to watch them play.  They got along so well and I think really enjoyed the time to relax and play together.  But, they are both ready to head back to school to see their teachers and friends.

They also stayed busy doing some work. We are sort of re-vamping the chores around's time for Anderson to officially chip in too.  Owen has taken over folding all of his laundry and Anderson has taken napkin duty (although here he was helping Owen with a shirt).

We may not have had much milk while we were snowed in, but there was no threat of Aaron running out of Mountain Dew.  He loaded up on a recent trip to Atlanta. If any one local knows where we can get the throwback locally, please share!

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