Friday, January 31, 2014


We had a snow tease last week that we made the best of...
Lots of excitement that it was snowing!

 It was really crunchy and they couldn't do anything with it, but they tried.  And don't you love the sunlight on Evan's tree?

 It turned out that last week's snow was just the warm up (or is it the cool down) for this week's real snow about 5 inches of powdery fluffy wonderfully cold snow.

 It was their first time sledding and they loved it!  We made 3 treks down the street to a little hill.  I hadn't been sledding in years and went down the hill a couple of times was a lot of fun!



 Anderson did pretty good on his first try on a snowboard.

 Thanks for the snow We are all set now for spring!

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