Friday, January 31, 2014


We had a snow tease last week that we made the best of...
Lots of excitement that it was snowing!

 It was really crunchy and they couldn't do anything with it, but they tried.  And don't you love the sunlight on Evan's tree?

 It turned out that last week's snow was just the warm up (or is it the cool down) for this week's real snow about 5 inches of powdery fluffy wonderfully cold snow.

 It was their first time sledding and they loved it!  We made 3 treks down the street to a little hill.  I hadn't been sledding in years and went down the hill a couple of times was a lot of fun!



 Anderson did pretty good on his first try on a snowboard.

 Thanks for the snow We are all set now for spring!

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Basketball Fun

Basketball for ages 4-6 is so much fun!  It is adorable and hysterical!

Owen completed his second year of a developmental league that doesn't play games just in time to start a league with games.  Lucky for Anderson, the new league starts at age 4.  Lucky for mom and dad, they are on the same team!

Anderson is Owen's biggest fan during the game.  He gets so excited when Owen scores (when he's not flirting with any of the little girls, on his team or the other).

 Anderson tries so hard, but has yet to get the ball to the rim.

 At the start of each half, each player shoots 2 free throws.
 Anderson is the blur in the middle and Owen is the blur under the basket.  They aren't allowed to play defense until the ball crosses half court.  Anderson caught on to that rule really quickly.
 Anderson in the bottom left and Owen is #60 behind him.
 Owen dribbling down the court for a shot.  Anderson is the blur in front of Owen.
 The ball is so big for him!
 Near the end of the first game, Anderson had a steal, got the ball down the court and took a shot.  Owen has great court awareness, ball control and makes some great passes.

They won their first game 38-9 and lost the second 27-22.  Lots of smiles from both of them both days.  I love that they are enjoying themselves so much.

They were very excited to have their grandparents in attendance at today's game.