Tuesday, October 15, 2013

This and That

The blessing that Anderson says at school with his class is a little song that ends with aaaa-men.  When Anderson says it at home, he ends with awww-man.  When he says his own prayer, he says amen correctly...I think the singing messes him up....but it's too cute to correct.

Owen has brought home 2 joy notes in October.  Joy notes are extra recognition in first grade and stand for Jesus, Others and You.  He earned one for patiently waiting for a kindergarten class to walk by and he earned one for having a great attitude when his team lost a game.

Fall is full of excitement...the kids can't wait for the fair and Halloween.  And, they are already talking about Christmas.  We need to reset some expectations...Owen's first list for Christmas includes a new bike, a computer/tablet, an ipod and  a new bike helmet.

A recent car conversation...
Owen:  Anderson, do you know what happens when a shark bites a zombie?
Anderson:  Ummm
Owen:  He's not dead because he is a zombie.
Anderson:  Yes he is because he's all in pieces.

And a homework conversation...completely non-homework related.
Anderson:  I'm whispering with my mouth closed.
Owen:  You mean you are talking in your head?
Anderson: Yep, just seeing if you can hear me.

I asked Owen who he played with at recess and he said, 'My boys club.'
Me:  Who's in the boys club?
He named some boys and then said, 'Jack is our leader."
Me: What do you do in the boys club?
Owen:  Oh, we just run around.  But, I think we should change the name to "The boys chase the girls club' because we like to chase the girls.  And they like to chase us too.

Owen:  I saw Madelyn at school today and gave her a hug.
Me:  Where did you see her.
Owen:  In the girls restroom.
Me:  What were you doing in there?!
Owen:  I wasn't in there, she was lined up outside it.

Owen made a 'thankful pumpkin' in Sunday school this week.  How sweet is it that he is thankful for bruthr!  The rest of his list includes, our house, daddy, mama, God, family, DS, and bed and fruntnr (furniture).

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