Monday, September 2, 2013

The Finished Fort

The fort is finished!!  Now it's time for Morgan Le Fay to show up to take them on a Magic Treehouse adventure!
It is painted to match the house.  The fort can be accessed via the rope climbing ladder, the rope step ladder or the bridge from the old playset.  The rope ladder lands the climber inside the fort via a trap door.  On top, there is a steering wheel, a pulley, and a water sprayer.  And there is a swing bar under the bridge.  There are 2 windows, a door and vents on the front and back.

 That black thing near the top is a solar panel to run an interior light.  There is also electricity.  For safety, an extension cord must be run from the shed to plug into the fort before the power is live.
 What an awesome job Aaron did designing, building and finishing off the fort!  I'm sure there will be hours of childhood fun in it!

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Ali said...

That is AWESOME!!! i'll have to show Matt and tell him he needs to get busy!! Awesome work Aaron!!!