Wednesday, August 14, 2013

6 Year Stats

Owen visited Dr. B today and he checked out great!  Of course any checkup with no shots is a great checkup!

He is 4 feet tall and 58 pounds...about the 90th percentile for both!

And a little funny he recently said...

Aaron splattered some paint on his shorts and asked if I could get it out.  I told him I'd try...and then Owen said, "Just use All."  I asked him what he said and he said, "All can get any stains out."  I asked where he said that and he said, "On a commercial."

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Ali said...

wow, 58 lbs!! that IS big!! we thought wy was big at 4'2", 60 lbs, but he's 7!! going by this info, i'm guessing Wy isn't in the 90% (for a 7 yr)! ;) we didn't take him for a check up this year...not sure why not though!?