Sunday, June 9, 2013

Vacation 2013 Part 2


We thought it would be fun to take the kids wasn't.  Hahaha!  They were tired and did not have any patience to sit and wait for a bite...once they finished off the snacks we brought they were ready to go.


This about sums it up!

 The pool was a big hit and once they both figured out how to swim, they didn't want to do much more than go swimming in the pool.  Anderson swam across the short way and Owen swam the long way many times.  Not bad for sinking like an anchor when we first got there.
 Owen also finally figured out how to swim to the bottom to retrieve items (in this case small landscaping rocks since that was all we had nearby).
They had fun having Aaron take them to sit and lay on the bottom.  The first time Aaron sat on the bottom of the deep end, Owen watched from underwater and came up saying, 'He sat to nicely.  He sat criss cross apple sauce!'  Owen was doing flips and hand stands before the week was over.

We went to the nearby nature preserve for an after dinner walk.

 We played mini-golf.  Guess who won???  I did!
 Yes, he swung for the fences!  And then he sort of pushed it all around until it made it in the hole.


We spent some time in Bass Pro.  Anderson tried out all of the ATVs and was making some awesome sound effects while he was 'riding' as you can tell from his mouth.


They slept good every night.

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