Saturday, June 8, 2013

Vacation 2013 - Part 1

We are home from a wonderful vacation.  TS Andrea chased us home a little early, but we've used the time to catch up at home and hopefully get a little ahead of the work week.

I wish I had captured the kids faces when they first ran out to the beach when we arrived on Saturday night. Pure joy!  Giggles and smiles and twinkling eyes....until...'Aaaahhhh I just got bit by a crab!'  To which we replied, 'No, Owen, you just stepped on a sharp shell.'  He kept insisting it was a crab.  We had to later concede that it was probably a crab after we found several of them coming up pinchers first.  And then we heard about crabs all week long!

They were way excited to find that there was a tv in their room and couldn't wait to try it out.

And they loved the life guard chairs on the deck.

Anderson started off with too big of a wave on the boogie board and then didn't want to try again.  Owen was quite a fan of riding the waves again this year.

Owen wanted to try a skimboard...we will need to practice with that for a few more years...He had a sore bottom after trying it out.

And they had lots of fun playing in the sand.


 And what's a trip to the beach without being buried by daddy and given sand boobies?



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Maridith Fitts said...

Love the man boobies!!