Monday, May 13, 2013

Super Weekend

I got to have a super special weekend...with my birthday on Saturday and Mother's Day on Sunday, the weekend was all about me!

We started the celebrating with Muffins with Mom at Owen's school.  Since we were celebrating Mother's Day at school, Owen and Anderson wanted to give me their gifts that morning.

Anderson had this little bag with a tea bag, necklace and card.  Owen had colored a picture that had a coupon for an egg biscuit.

Then we headed off to school, where I got more goodies...
Owen made this super cute duck handprint towel and filled out a questionnaire.  He did great on his answers...the only one that was a little off is my weight :)

Then Saturday, started off with breakfast out and then a stop at the 'turtle park'.  We played on the playground, walked the trails and visited with the many turtles.


We came home and Anderson snuggled with me while I took a nap and he tried to then it was off to baseball practice and out to dinner.  Such a fun day!

And we finished it off with a cookie cake which Owen and Anderson picked out.

Sunday started out just as great.  A friend from church gave me a big hug and told me it was from Evan.  I miss him every day, but the special days I miss him even more.

Church ended with Owen going forward to make his profession of faith in accepting Jesus as his Savior on Easter Sunday.

Aaron and the kids went to help his mom with some mulch and I got to spend the afternoon relaxing and doing a little bit of housekeeping.

Thank you to Aaron, Owen and Anderson for making my weekend super special.  Thank you to my family and friends for all of the birthday and Mother's Day well wishes.

A little funny from the weekend.  Aaron asked me if I was born on Mother's Day and I said no.  I told him I was due May 5 and that my birth was about the only time I've been late.  Owen chimed in and said, 'I was born late too.'  We told him that no, he was like his daddy and born several weeks early.  His response was, "I was late that's why my teeth are taking so long to fall out.'  I think he is eager for a visit from the tooth fairy!

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