Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Birthday Celebrating

Spider Man had a great birthday.

Presents from the grandparents and parents...he got presents 3 days in a row!

 I'm not saying I'm Spider Man...
 I'm just saying no one has ever seen me and Spider Man in the same room.
 New fishing pole and lures...

He chose fishing for his birthday adventure...
Spider Man shirt - Check
Spider Man fishing pole - Check
Spider Man tackle box - Check!
They were so cute walking along with their poles and tackle boxes.  I felt like I needed to start whistling some Andy Griffith.
 I think Owen enjoyed it more than Anderson and I think we'll be going fishing again in a few weeks when a certain big boy turns 6.



 Owen wanted some pictures of him casting.  He is getting pretty good at it.

When Anderson tired of fishing, he and I took a walk around the lake.  From across the lake looking back at the bridge we were fishing from.

After dinner, it was finally time for cake.  I don't think we have any birthday cake pictures of him with a shirt on...at any age!  Hahaha!

Grinning from ear to ear being the center of attention!  I wish the camera could fully capture it.

 He requested a strawberry cake and green candles.  Owen was my great helper with the cake.

He has declared that now that he is 4, thumb sucking is only for bedtime...let's hope he can pull that off!

Happy 4th Birthday, handsome boy!

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