Monday, March 11, 2013


We decided to take Owen to the eye doctor to get his eyes checked a few weeks ago.  He would hold his books and papers really close to his face and he had just barely passed the eye screen at his last 2 well visits.

We discovered that he does need glasses for reading, school work and piano due to an astigmatism.  We think he's pretty handsome in his new spectacles and he has been so excited to get them!

  He loves the Harley Davidson case they gave him.
 He told me he wants to take a picture of him with a sad face to pretend he doesn't like them, but he really does.
 They have spiderman webs on the arms, which is very exciting for a 5 year old!

 He got these snazzy sunglasses after his eye exam...and he loves them.  He even took them to school for show and tell.  Hahaha!
He keeps saying how much bigger everything looks.  And keeps pointing out small details he couldn't see before, like scratches on the door and dust on the garage steps.

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Ali said...

i can't believe how big your little guys are getting!! owen looks soooo so cute in his glasses! handsome kiddo. i keep thinking about june!!! i can't wait to get to hang out and catch up. it's been way too long.