Monday, February 11, 2013


I have a few tidbits to share...small things that don't necessarily all need their own posts.

Owen is doing great learning to read!  He seems to enjoy it and is really proud of himself when he reads a whole book.  Most of the time, Aaron does his reading homework with him, so when I hear him read, it is usually quite an improvement over the last time.  He was excited to read to Grandma.

My Wednesday night class at church can get a little rowdy (6-8 boys, ages 3 and 4)!  They have found lots of ways to have fun with the chairs.  We've made them into caterpillars and cars.  That's Anderson the caterpillar sneaking a look.
 We had a new boy this week.  It was his first time ever going to church and he could not have been more excited.  I often find my class challenging...I'm tired, they are tired, they are all boys etc.  But, what an encouragement to see this little guy.  He goes to preschool at our church and they added chapel this year.  Because of chapel, he's been asking his mom if he could go to church.  What is even better is that he and his mom were at church on Sunday too!

Anderson's version of a big boy booster seat (with some help from Owen)....


We enjoyed a great family trip to the Greatest Show on Earth yesterday.  What a fun event to take the kids to.  Although, the circus has changed quite a bit since we were trapeze and the high wire act was with a motorcycle that was strapped on.  But, there was a lot that was unchanged...the elephants, tigers, motorcycles, and dogs.  Some of the new acrobatic acts were simply amazing! 

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