Monday, February 18, 2013

The Weekend

Friday's spring temperatures plummeted back to winter for Saturday and brought some white fluffy fun along!  This is the first real snow we've had in about 18 months and Owen was so excited!  It snowed most of the day with the biggest flakes I've ever seen.  Aaron was scheduled for a baseball game between northern schools who head south to play ball in warmer temps...didn't work out so well for them this year.  His game was cancelled and we enjoyed a relaxed family day.  Owen is a complete snow bunny!  He loves the snow and only came inside when we told him he needed to come in to warm up.  Anderson went out twice, but quickly came back inside on his own.  He spent time watching Owen from the window and cuddling with daddy on the couch (and repeatedly asking to watch Spider Man).

 A face down snow angel?  I think we need more snow so he can learn how to play in in properly:).
 Monkey see, monkey do...

 Anderson chill-axing eating his Sunday lunch at our friend's house.

We finished the weekend with a brother sleepover.  They went right to sleep, but were awake and giggling at 6am this morning!

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