Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day!

Owen had an assignment to decorate a shoe box for his valentines.  Since he loves camo and army stuff, glue and stickers, we went for a 'red, pink, white camo theme.'  He had a lot of fun gluing all the little bits of paper all over his box and then attaching stickers.  And I did the heart border.  Please refer to the last post regarding my creativity...hehe.

We had nearly 60 valentines to prepare for classmates.  I found an idea on Pintrest and we made our valentine's for $4!  Anderson wrote the 'A' on all of his and I filled in the rest.  His name is a tad long for a 3 year old to write 36 times.

We also made postcards for the grandparents and cards for their teachers.

 Anderson said he loves Mrs. Dee because she loves him when he does good stuff, because she hugs him and because she reads to him.  He loves Mrs. Angie because she loves him, she is nice and she hugs him.

Owen loves to swing at recess, so he drew pictures of himself swinging and his teachers watching.  He loves Mrs. Bowers because she helps him, takes care of him at school, gives him kisses, and is nice to him.  He loves Mrs. Jackson because she has a nice laugh, gives him hugs, is sweet and says good morning to him every day.  We are very thankful that they both have great teachers who love them!

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