Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Getting Crafty

I would love to be crafty, but I'm not...and before my parent's protest out of duty because I'm their child, knitting does not qualify as crafty.  I found a wreath on Pintrest last week that I just fell in love with.  I shared it with Maridith and we hatched the idea to get together over the weekend and make them (and then she'd be there to help me!)

I made a couple of changes...I used daisies (instead of sunflowers), I used 5 flowers (instead of 4), and I used a bigger letter.

I wanted daisies because they are the symbol of the TTTS Foundation and also the flower of my college.  I used 5, to represent our entire family.  And I used a bigger 'S' because that was the only size Michael's had in stock.

Maridith is crafty, creative, totally awesome and brought her 2 youngest kids and dinner...total win for all of us!  Owen was absolutely the worst listener that night and quite wild...he was just a tad excited to have Wesley over to play!

So, here it is...I love it!

And here is a link to the inspiration project:  Inspiration Wreath

Thanks Maridith for a fun crafty Saturday night!

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Ali said...

i want one!! :)