Monday, February 18, 2013

The Weekend

Friday's spring temperatures plummeted back to winter for Saturday and brought some white fluffy fun along!  This is the first real snow we've had in about 18 months and Owen was so excited!  It snowed most of the day with the biggest flakes I've ever seen.  Aaron was scheduled for a baseball game between northern schools who head south to play ball in warmer temps...didn't work out so well for them this year.  His game was cancelled and we enjoyed a relaxed family day.  Owen is a complete snow bunny!  He loves the snow and only came inside when we told him he needed to come in to warm up.  Anderson went out twice, but quickly came back inside on his own.  He spent time watching Owen from the window and cuddling with daddy on the couch (and repeatedly asking to watch Spider Man).

 A face down snow angel?  I think we need more snow so he can learn how to play in in properly:).
 Monkey see, monkey do...

 Anderson chill-axing eating his Sunday lunch at our friend's house.

We finished the weekend with a brother sleepover.  They went right to sleep, but were awake and giggling at 6am this morning!

Friday, February 15, 2013

Friday Funnies

While I was cooking the other day, Owen said, 'Mommy, you left the pantry light on.  Do you live in a barn?'

They played a bit of LMFAO's song 'I'm Sexy and I Know It' at the circus.  During breakfast, Owen started singing, 'I'm sixty and I know it.'

Anderson was telling me that a girl in his class is mean.
Me:  Well you should say, 'Please don't do that, I don't like it.'
Anderson:  I don't like that word.
Me:  Which word?
Anderson: Please.  I'm tired of having to say it all the time.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day!

Owen had an assignment to decorate a shoe box for his valentines.  Since he loves camo and army stuff, glue and stickers, we went for a 'red, pink, white camo theme.'  He had a lot of fun gluing all the little bits of paper all over his box and then attaching stickers.  And I did the heart border.  Please refer to the last post regarding my creativity...hehe.

We had nearly 60 valentines to prepare for classmates.  I found an idea on Pintrest and we made our valentine's for $4!  Anderson wrote the 'A' on all of his and I filled in the rest.  His name is a tad long for a 3 year old to write 36 times.

We also made postcards for the grandparents and cards for their teachers.

 Anderson said he loves Mrs. Dee because she loves him when he does good stuff, because she hugs him and because she reads to him.  He loves Mrs. Angie because she loves him, she is nice and she hugs him.

Owen loves to swing at recess, so he drew pictures of himself swinging and his teachers watching.  He loves Mrs. Bowers because she helps him, takes care of him at school, gives him kisses, and is nice to him.  He loves Mrs. Jackson because she has a nice laugh, gives him hugs, is sweet and says good morning to him every day.  We are very thankful that they both have great teachers who love them!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Getting Crafty

I would love to be crafty, but I'm not...and before my parent's protest out of duty because I'm their child, knitting does not qualify as crafty.  I found a wreath on Pintrest last week that I just fell in love with.  I shared it with Maridith and we hatched the idea to get together over the weekend and make them (and then she'd be there to help me!)

I made a couple of changes...I used daisies (instead of sunflowers), I used 5 flowers (instead of 4), and I used a bigger letter.

I wanted daisies because they are the symbol of the TTTS Foundation and also the flower of my college.  I used 5, to represent our entire family.  And I used a bigger 'S' because that was the only size Michael's had in stock.

Maridith is crafty, creative, totally awesome and brought her 2 youngest kids and win for all of us!  Owen was absolutely the worst listener that night and quite wild...he was just a tad excited to have Wesley over to play!

So, here it is...I love it!

And here is a link to the inspiration project:  Inspiration Wreath

Thanks Maridith for a fun crafty Saturday night!

Monday, February 11, 2013


I have a few tidbits to share...small things that don't necessarily all need their own posts.

Owen is doing great learning to read!  He seems to enjoy it and is really proud of himself when he reads a whole book.  Most of the time, Aaron does his reading homework with him, so when I hear him read, it is usually quite an improvement over the last time.  He was excited to read to Grandma.

My Wednesday night class at church can get a little rowdy (6-8 boys, ages 3 and 4)!  They have found lots of ways to have fun with the chairs.  We've made them into caterpillars and cars.  That's Anderson the caterpillar sneaking a look.
 We had a new boy this week.  It was his first time ever going to church and he could not have been more excited.  I often find my class challenging...I'm tired, they are tired, they are all boys etc.  But, what an encouragement to see this little guy.  He goes to preschool at our church and they added chapel this year.  Because of chapel, he's been asking his mom if he could go to church.  What is even better is that he and his mom were at church on Sunday too!

Anderson's version of a big boy booster seat (with some help from Owen)....


We enjoyed a great family trip to the Greatest Show on Earth yesterday.  What a fun event to take the kids to.  Although, the circus has changed quite a bit since we were trapeze and the high wire act was with a motorcycle that was strapped on.  But, there was a lot that was unchanged...the elephants, tigers, motorcycles, and dogs.  Some of the new acrobatic acts were simply amazing!