Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Piano Practice

Owen asked Aaron to sit with him while he practiced piano.  Anderson crawled up into Aaron's lap.  Aaron and I were talking about how well Owen is doing with the piano and Owen asked Aaron if he wanted to try to play.  Aaron declined, but Anderson wanted to try.  Owen was eager to teach brother where to put his fingers and help him play some music.  Sweet family memories.


Monday, January 14, 2013

Not Much to Seay

January is always a slow month on this ole blog.  Not much to report...we have one more week of basketball and then have a 6 week or so break before soccer resumes.  We are enjoying having Aaron home a bit more than we are used to in January since he's not calling high school basketball.

And here is Owen sporting the the last dress outfit Santa brought him.  Santa discovered ebay and got some great deals on the sports coats.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Great Start to 2013

We went running into 2013.  All of our normal activities resumed on Jan 2, which made the first week a bit tiring.

This handsome fella has really had a big 2013 so far (and he's sporting his new sweater vest from Santa so he can 'dress like Harry from Spiderman').
He got a great report card (um, how is kindergarten half over!), he got his first ever allowance, he gave his first tithe, he used an alarm clock to wake up for school this morning, and he learned to tie his shoes (which he did for himself before school this morning)!

He was so excited to give his tithe.  He prepared his tithe from his piggy bank unprompted and seeing his excitement in giving to Jesus let us know it was time to start the allowance.  He wrote on the outside of an envelope 'Owen' and 'Jesus'.  He sealed it with UNC tape (you know, because Jesus is a tarheel fan).  He wanted his name on the envelope so Jesus knew it was from him.  And he wanted Jesus' name on the envelope so our church would know it was for Jesus.  He was asking all morning in church when the offering was....I admit, he brought tears to my eyes (and I felt a bit convicted) in how excited he was to give to Jesus.

Anderson was quite proud to be wearing a sweater vest too (Daddy was handsome in his vest too!).

 This pic shows their personalities.  I asked for nice smiles...
When I was dropping Anderson off at school this morning, he and his buddy Mason were happy to see each other.  Anderson said, 'Mason is funny' followed up by 'and sometimes mean.'  I said to Anderson, 'You are funny and sometimes mean too.'  He said, 'yeah'.  And his teacher chimed in and said,  "Not mean, but they are both mischievous and then just give me the cutest little grins"!