Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Final 2013 Funnies

A few funnies to close out the 2013 blog...

Owen was sick so I was staying home from church with him a couple of weeks ago.  When Aaron told Anderson it was time to go.  Anderson said, 'Where are we going?'  Aaron told him they were going to church.  Anderson followed with, 'We should stay home too because we're a family and we stick together.'

Anderson to Aaron, 'Why do you say that one day I'll be a daddy?  I'm going to be a daddy for lots of days.'

Owen about the cheerleaders at the UNC game...'Mommy, aren't the cheerleaders pretty girls.'

Happy New Year!


Owen and I closed out 2013 with a UNC game (and victory).  This little fella was so excited for the game!

We did a park and ride...he was grinning from ear to ear on the bus.  I love that kids enjoy the little things that we as adults so often see as a hassle.

 I love that in this picture, he doesn't look as grown up as he has looked recently.  He's like his Papa at games...wants to try all of the food the concessions has to offer!

Thanks to Grandma JuJu for the tickets and for having Anderson over for the night.  Once Owen found out that Aaron was home from his game, Owen was ready to head home to see his daddy.

Monday, December 30, 2013


Christmas Day was awesome...the day after was pretty sad.

We said goodbye to our sweet little fur baby Jordan.  He has been declining quite a bit over that past year, so while it wasn't a complete surprise, it was still a shock.  He was such a good little doggie and our family will definitely miss him.  He was 14.

Our first married Christmas....2000

His bigger, but younger sister is really missing him.
 Goodbye little buddy!

Family Pictures

We had family pictures done in late October by one of our neighbors.  I've waited to post them since they were part of the grandparent's Christmas gifts.

We love the pictures and it was so hard to decide which ones to print.  




Sunday, December 29, 2013

Santa Came!

We had an awesome family Christmas.  They kids were so excited for Santa and so worn out from all the fun leading up to Christmas that they went right to sleep.  It was fun to sit back and take in their excitement of their gifts.  We spent a relaxing day enjoying each other and our new gifts.

Cookies and milk for Santa and a carrot for each of the reindeer.

After Santa stopped by...
Some of the excitement...
 The ba-lue scooter he requested.  Fortunately for Mommy and Daddy, he forgot to specify Carolina blue when talking to Santa so wasn't too disappointed that it wasn't Carolina blue.
 Owen and the bigger bike he requested...cannot believe he is so big!

 So excited he couldn't sit still to find his Superman ornament.

 Owen tears through his presents and then helps little brother along.  They had stockings and 3 packages to unwrap from Santa...it took an hour!  Anderson likes to unwrap, open and enjoy each item before moving on to the next.  Owen likes to open all of the gifts and then go back through.


First thing Anderson said...'I'm going to wear this to school everyday because Mrs. J doesn't like Carolina.'

Owen asked for a robe...but Anderson was the one to put it on and not take it off for the rest of the day.

Aaron took the kids shopping for each other...He helped them pick out awesome stuff...and the items that they are playing with the most after Christmas.
Owen got Anderson a Wolverine mask and claw arm and Anderson got Owen an Air Hog helicopter.