Monday, December 3, 2012


I surprised the kids Friday night by going out to dinner and to our town's tree lighting...which included a visit with Santa!  I was on the fence about going, but I'm so glad we went.  We had a great time.

They got to write letters to Santa, which I talked them out of putting in the mailbox at the event.  And then had to work with Aaron to get them out of our own mailbox on Saturday :)

Owen's list:  DS and tie
 Anderson's list:  Big boy bicycle
Then, Santa and Mrs. Clause arrived on his big red sleigh...err...firetruck.

Oh my goodness...they were so excited to see Santa.  Mrs. Clause even remarked that Anderson's eyes were pure twinkling.  Anderson talking a mile a minute...I don't think Santa or Mrs. Clause understood a word out of his mouth, but they nodded and smiled and made his night!

 You'd think they'd never had candy canes before...there was much excitement that Santa gave them candy.
 We then wandered around a bit and Anderson enjoyed watching the trains while we all enjoyed a can of Loganberry!  One of the vendors was selling Weber's Mustard and Loganberry!!!  We are all stocked up on Webers and the loganberry was a great treat.
Then they decorated some ornaments and made a necklace (Anderson) and bracelet (Owen).
 I told them to smile and this is what I got...

We ended the night riding around our neighborhood looking at Christmas lights.  In the car on the way home, Owen said, 'Thank you, Mommy for taking us to have fun tonight.'

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