Monday, December 10, 2012

Redneck Christmas Pics

We have been taking full advantage of the warm weather.  Too bad the Christmas cards were already done before I took these gems..they'd have been great for a redneck Christmas card!  Haha!

 Prior to losing their shirts, they had a ball playing silly with the Cozy Coupe.  I love when they play so well together and they were having a belly laugh time being silly playing with this car.


And speaking of the car...I think Owen has officially out grown it.  It's like a clown car for him now.  I wish I'd taken a picture of him trying to get out...but I didn't even realize he was trying to get out until I heard a thud and him saying 'finally' and then seeing him pulling his feet from the car.

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Jill Goodrich said...

I love your Christmas card this year, but the "redneck" pictures would have been hilarious!Hope you guys have a wonderful and blessed holiday season!