Friday, December 14, 2012

Friday Funnies

Owen came in the house and said, 'Daddy, Anderson told me a wolf is going to eat me.'  I think he was a tad upset about it, but when we burst into laughter, he began to laugh with us.  I guess Aaron has told them a few too many werewolf stories.

The kids and Aaron were in the garage working on a project when they heard some sirens.  Without missing a beat, Anderson said, 'Daddy, they are coming for you.'

Owen, 'Jesus is a boy even though he had long hair like a girl.  He has short hair now.'

Owen ran into a pole on the playground at school.  I asked him if he cried and he said, 'I started to, but kids don't cry much at big school.'

Owen should be busy when he's grown.  According to him, he'll coach soccer on Saturdays, go to church on Sundays, work for the Army on Mondays, work as a policeman on Tuesdays, work his construction business on Wednesdays and for the fire department on Thursdays.  I guess he'll rest on Fridays.

Anderson decided he wants to work too...but he'll be working a digger, dump truck and a police car.

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