Wednesday, December 5, 2012


My mom makes tons of cookies every Christmas.  I always enjoyed helping her as I was growing up, but hadn't really done much of it with my kids...until this past weekend.  We made Daddy's favorites...sugar cookies and toffee cracks.  We have plans to make my favorite...peanut butter balls this weekend.

Aaron is not the least bit disappointed that we cannot share the cookies.  We can't share because I caught Anderson with the knife in his mouth then back in the icing bowl more than once.  Hey, what can I say, homemade icing is really yummy.  Hahaha!

 I had to work really hard to be okay with the kitchen full of flour and icing that the process included.  But I have great helpers for cleanup.  They each got to pick 2 shapes.  Owen picked a heart and stocking and Anderson picked a tree and bell.

 Yummy goodness!

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