Friday, November 9, 2012

Friday Funnies

Money is just paper with pictures on it.

Mommy, I love you a dollar six

He had 2 pairs of slippers out and I asked him to put them away.  He said, 'I want to wear them'.  I replied, 'Ok, you can wear one, but put the other away.'  Aaron came home and Anderson was walking around with just 1 slipper on and asked him why.  He said, 'Mommy said I can only wear 1.'  He slept all night with one slipper on and when he got up the next morning said, 'Now I can put the other one on.'

Mommy, your necklace is so pretty.  When you are a grandma, can I have your necklace to give to my wife?

Aaron and I both voted early and the kids went with each of us.  Owen had lots of questions about voting.  After I answered his many questions he said...Well, I vote for Abraham Lincoln.  He was disappointed that Mitt Romney didn't win, but was very excited that Mitt won the election they had at school.

Owen was counting the cars he's going to have when he grows up...his list (so far) a fire truck, a police car, an army truck, a monster truck and a regular car that he'll let his wife drive.

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