Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Chapel Award

Today was a special day for Owen...he received this week's chapel award for his class.

The school secretary called me Monday to let me know and so that we could plan to be there.  Here's a glimpse into classic mom vs dad brains, which makes me first thought upon knowing that it was the school calling was that Owen was sick or hurt.  When I told Aaron the school called, his first thought was, 'oh no, what did he do now.'

What a special time these kids get to have each week during chapel.  I really enjoyed being there for it.  The speaker had such energy and connected with the kids by using relatable examples and having them interact with her.  She presented the Lamb's Book of Life and how our names can become written in it.  She started off with last year's school yearbook and explaining how/why the children were listed in it...because they were part of the school family.  And how/why, the kindergartners were not (this chapel is for K-2), but would be in the next one.

Owen heading to the front for his award.
 Listening while the principal reads why his teacher selected him this week...

There is a child selected from each class.  Guess who else received the award this week?!  How funny that he and Macie got selected the same week.  His teacher told me she had no idea that Macie was also selected this week.


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