Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Field Trip

Owen had his first ever school field trip to a local dairy farm.  We learned all about pumpkins, learned about and pet several different animals and took a hayride to view the farm.  We got to see a calf who was just an hour old and we got to smell the backside...I'm ok if I never have to smell that again!  Owen was very excited about the pumpkin he got to pick out.  He decided he really likes field trips and is ready to do another one.

Owen's class is 15 boys and 5 girls...that's a lot of little boys!  It was fun to see Owen interact with his classmates and put faces to the names I hear him talk about.

I'm not going to post many pictures because they all had their school shirts on...so that's a lot of photo editing.

But I will do a few.

Owen and Macie before heading into the educational building.

And with Austin and Aiden while learning about the animals...these 3 went to preschool together too.  We saw and pet a cow, donkey, llama, and sheep.  They also saw the chickens.  They look super excited, don't they.  haha!

After the farm, we spoiled our lunch by stopping at the ice cream shop...it was soooo good!

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