Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Corn Maze

I have been wanting to go to a corn maze since before we had kids.  Aaron has been less than enthusiastic about it, so we've never gone even though there is one near our house.  Grandma Sue and Tante Deb came to watch Owen's soccer game and go to the fireman's day parade with us.  We drove by the corn maze and they said they wanted to do it.  So, we made a full day of it and did soccer, lunch, painted shirts, fireman's day parade and corn maze.  The kids were just a little tired at bedtime that night!

Painting shirts...these have become their favorite shirts.  Sunday morning, Owen came downstairs and straight to the garage to see if his shirt was dry.  Upon finding it dry, he put it on and it is his shirt of choice.
 I am happy to report that we made it through the 6 acre corn maze in 55 minutes!  And, we took time to rest and refresh at the 2 rest areas within the maze.  But, we only found 4 of the 12 check-in stations.
 Playing in the 'corn' box.  When I did laundry the next day I found a lot of corn in the washing machine!

Cool tire swings!

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