Friday, October 19, 2012

2012 Fair

We once again had a wonderful time at the fair.  The kids love the rides and the food...which is about all we end up doing.  We did get to walk through one exhibit hall this year, which was 1 more than we did last year.

The kids have both said their favorite part was watching the fireworks and eating their corn.  This was only the second time they've seen fireworks and they loved them.

Anderson's favorite ride was the dinosaur roller coaster that has been Owen's favorite ride for the past 3 years.  Owen's favorite was a barrel ride that was sort of a twisty roller coaster.

Anderson freaked out in the fun house.  He climbed up to the middle level and didn't want to go down the slide.  Aaron climbed in and got him down the slide, but then when he got to the top bridge he stood there and cried and then took the smallest little baby steps and with the help of some older kids finally made it across the first one and then a fair worker carried him across the second one.  I felt so bad watching him.  Owen was trying to get back to him, but he was behind several kids and didn't make it before the other kids helped him.

Owen made a few friends on the rides.  On the barrel ride, he was paired up with another little boy.  I was watching him talk to him and one of them asked the other how old they were and they were both 5.  Then Owen asked him, 'Are you 5 1/2?'  And the other boy said, no, just 5.  And Owen said, 'me too.'  Then he and another boy were first in line for a little roller coaster.  They both made a bee-line for the front seat and climbed in together.  After the ride, they gave each other fist bumps before heading their separate little ways. Owen has grown up so much since he started school and it is so neat to watch him interact with other kids.

We saw lots of people we know and some that we haven't seen in a long time.  It's always fun to run into friends at the fair!

Some pics of the fun...

 Yummy pickles!

We had a great time...the food for the day included cotton candy, corn dogs, pickles, london broil sandwich, chicken pita, fried reeses cups, jalapeno cheese and roasted corn.

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