Friday, October 26, 2012

School Pictures

These confirm a few things we already know...
1.  They are handsome
2.  They aren't babies any more
3.  Anderson is much more comfortable in front of a camera than Owen

Monday, October 22, 2012

Just some pics

Aaron found a turtle in the street in front of our house....after the kids held and fed him a carrot, they took Franklin across the street and left him by the pond.

Anderson worked on the letter 'G' in preschool last week.  His teacher makes the coolest crafts with them.  This is his guitar.  He sang and strummed all afternoon on it.  His songs of choice, B-I-B-L-E and My God is So Big.  I love that I sometimes get pictures sent to me throughout the day from friends who work at our church and preschool.

Owen is doing great with the piano.  This is how you'll see him most of the time when he practices.  What is it about boys that makes them think clothing is optional?

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Funny sayings

I wish I captured them all, but I'm not always where I can write things down.

Anderson is a little meat eater.  I made them grilled cheese sandwiches for lunch and made myself a grilled ham and cheese.  Anderson asked for a bite of mine and said, 'Mmmm, meat.'  I was lucky to get my sandwich back!

Owen has Spanish class one day a week.  He gives us little bits of Spanish that he learns.  He said the other day, "Mommy, I know how to say 'Spanish' in Spanish....eskimo."

Anderson in the car...'Mommy, I'm not little, I'm little big.'

Owen calls recipes, recipeeds.

Anderson has started saying one of my favorite of Owen's mispronunciations (which Owen no longer says)...I'm not even sure how to spell it, but it's doos instead of does.  Like 'she doos that too'.

Owen hard at work...Anderson took a seat to supervise....and is holding up an old cell phone pretending to take a picture.

Anderson later did some work too....but I have no photo evidence.

Owen got up the other morning and when I gave him a hug I said, 'Wow, you are getting so big.'  He grinned from ear to ear and said, 'It's because last night I asked Jesus to make me grow.'

Anderson prayed in the car one morning on the way to school, 'Jesus, please help me to not suck my thumb while I'm at school.'  There may or may not have been a hearty 'AMEN' from this mama!

Owen has to tuck his shirt in for school.  He still sometimes needs some help with this task.  But one morning he came downstairs happy to report that he'd done it himself.  Anderson said, 'I don't have to tuck my shirt in.  I go to a no-tuck school.'

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Fishing and Hiking and Picnicing

Owen has been packed for a fishing trip for 2 months now!  He was so excited that this past Saturday was finally the day and I was excited that the weather was perfect.  Owen had a bye week for soccer so we packed up and headed to a nearby state park to hike and fish.  We thought the hiking and fishing would be separate, but it turned out we needed to hike almost a mile to get to the river to fish.  We didn't catch anything, but Aaron got a few nibbles and we had a great time.

 I love how they are all standing the same way!

 A BIG tree!

Friday, October 19, 2012

2012 Fair

We once again had a wonderful time at the fair.  The kids love the rides and the food...which is about all we end up doing.  We did get to walk through one exhibit hall this year, which was 1 more than we did last year.

The kids have both said their favorite part was watching the fireworks and eating their corn.  This was only the second time they've seen fireworks and they loved them.

Anderson's favorite ride was the dinosaur roller coaster that has been Owen's favorite ride for the past 3 years.  Owen's favorite was a barrel ride that was sort of a twisty roller coaster.

Anderson freaked out in the fun house.  He climbed up to the middle level and didn't want to go down the slide.  Aaron climbed in and got him down the slide, but then when he got to the top bridge he stood there and cried and then took the smallest little baby steps and with the help of some older kids finally made it across the first one and then a fair worker carried him across the second one.  I felt so bad watching him.  Owen was trying to get back to him, but he was behind several kids and didn't make it before the other kids helped him.

Owen made a few friends on the rides.  On the barrel ride, he was paired up with another little boy.  I was watching him talk to him and one of them asked the other how old they were and they were both 5.  Then Owen asked him, 'Are you 5 1/2?'  And the other boy said, no, just 5.  And Owen said, 'me too.'  Then he and another boy were first in line for a little roller coaster.  They both made a bee-line for the front seat and climbed in together.  After the ride, they gave each other fist bumps before heading their separate little ways. Owen has grown up so much since he started school and it is so neat to watch him interact with other kids.

We saw lots of people we know and some that we haven't seen in a long time.  It's always fun to run into friends at the fair!

Some pics of the fun...

 Yummy pickles!

We had a great time...the food for the day included cotton candy, corn dogs, pickles, london broil sandwich, chicken pita, fried reeses cups, jalapeno cheese and roasted corn.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Strike 3!

Aaron called a couple of blue/navy games at UNC last week.  Check out these pics of him in action that we found on their website.  I think he said the pitcher was throwing 97-100 mph!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Corn Maze

I have been wanting to go to a corn maze since before we had kids.  Aaron has been less than enthusiastic about it, so we've never gone even though there is one near our house.  Grandma Sue and Tante Deb came to watch Owen's soccer game and go to the fireman's day parade with us.  We drove by the corn maze and they said they wanted to do it.  So, we made a full day of it and did soccer, lunch, painted shirts, fireman's day parade and corn maze.  The kids were just a little tired at bedtime that night!

Painting shirts...these have become their favorite shirts.  Sunday morning, Owen came downstairs and straight to the garage to see if his shirt was dry.  Upon finding it dry, he put it on and it is his shirt of choice.
 I am happy to report that we made it through the 6 acre corn maze in 55 minutes!  And, we took time to rest and refresh at the 2 rest areas within the maze.  But, we only found 4 of the 12 check-in stations.
 Playing in the 'corn' box.  When I did laundry the next day I found a lot of corn in the washing machine!

Cool tire swings!