Friday, September 21, 2012

Friday Funnies

Oh my...I wish I could constantly record the chatter around our house.   There are constant funnies courtesy of a cute 5 year old and a cute 3 year old and occasionally a handsome 36...whoops, still 35 years old for a few more days.  There is rarely anything funny from a serious 34 year old....and I assure you if there is, it was inadvertent.

We'll start with Anderson...

He came running into the room I was in and said 'Mommy, Owen is tattling.'  To which I replied, 'he is?  What are you doing?'  His response, 'Telling you.'  Mind you, Aaron wasn't home and I still have no idea who Owen was tattling to.

His recent prayers include versions of the following, 'Please help us to be safe and stay on the road and not fall into the grass or into the water.'  And, 'please help mommy to not broke her car.'  Now, I will say that I firmly believe that it is not my driving and will argue until I'm blue that his concern is from our frequent prayers Daddy's safety as he drives home.

Anderson loves to role play.  I love that the other day he wanted to play his teacher and wanted Owen to be his assistant teacher.  It was cute that he called it 'playing teacher' instead of 'playing school'.

And, on to Owen....

Eating his breakfast of fried eggs over hard....'Anderson, these are my favorite eggs because there is butter in the inside.'  Me:  'That's the yolk, not butter.'  Owen:  'Oh, I'm all done.  Anderson do you want mine?'

We passed a work pickup truck pulling a trailer with some sort of equipment on the back.  Owen said, 'Mommy, that was a girl driving that truck.  I didn't know girls worked.'
Me:  Are you crazy, what do you think Mommy does all the time.  I guess you can do your own laundry and cook your own dinner and clean the house.
Owen:  Not that work, work outside like Daddy's do.
Me:  Who do you think helped your daddy outside before you came along?
Owen:  Oh, it's a good thing I'm here to help Daddy because I'm a good helper.

Owen has music class on Tuesdays.  He came home a couple of weeks ago singing God Bless America.  I was really impressed with how much of it he remembered.  And I enjoyed hearing the mispronunciation of 'Stand beside her and glide her.'


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Maridith Fitts said...

Tell the truth Elizabeth, you don't work!!! You just show up!! Haha!!! Love kid talk!!!