Thursday, August 2, 2012

Vacation Surprise!

We surprised the kids with a trip to Tweetsie Railroad this past weekend.  I had never been, but Aaron assured me we'd have fun...and we had a blast!

We dropped the dogs off at Grandma JuJus and packed and loaded the car after the kids went to bed.  The next morning Owen was up and got ready like a big boy should...he was a little confused as to why I was wearing shorts as that wasn't a 'church outfit'.  He was happy with the explanation that he wears shorts to church so why can't I.  Anderson was sleeping in, but we decided we'd wake him up so we could be on our way.  This child is not the easiest to wake up.  He's thrown things at me, he's groaned and buried himself in his covers, he's ignored me.  But, Aaron and Owen had decided that we'd stop and get a bagel for breakfast.  All I did was ask Anderson if he wanted to get up and go get a chocolate chip bagel.  He immediately slid out of bed and started getting ready.  He literally slid...he didn't even roll over, just slid out.

We stopped and got our bagels and got on the road.  It was nearly an hour before Owen asked why it was taking so long to get to church.  We finally fessed up that we were skipping church and heading out of town. His first guess was the beach, then the mountains and then we told him we were going to Tweetsie.  A Batman movie and American Tale helped pass the time.  This is still stuck in my head....'There are no cats in America and the streets are paved with cheese.'

A little funny from the car, Owen told Anderson that he knew something better because he'd been on earth longer.

Our first stop was Mystery Hill.  The weird gravity room was fun.  You really cannot stand up straight!  It made my head hurt and entire body feel so weird.  Water flows uphill and balls roll uphill.
It was hard to walk up the hill and hard not to roll down.  Anderson really enjoyed running super fast down the hill.  It was hard to catch him.

 This swing was doesn't hang straight.
 They had several optical allusions set up and a bubble room.  The kids were a bit young for the optical illusions and the bubble room was small.  But they both enjoyed being in a bubble.

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