Thursday, August 2, 2012

Tweetsie - Day 1

If you arrive at Tweetsie at 3pm or later, your ticket also gets you in the next day, which is great for little kids. 

 They, especially Owen, love to ride rides.  Being there on Sunday afternoon and Monday led to short lines and many of the rides they could just stay on if they wanted to ride again (and again and again).


 The kids have both said that the Ferris Wheel was their favorite ride.

 Riding double turned out to be not so great of an idea.  There was a stick they could pull/push to go up and down.  Part way through the ride, they started fighting over whether to be up or down.  The ride may or may not have ended with Anderson going after Owen's head.

 Waiting for the train to go.  It's a coal powered train that was in use during WWII.
 The train stops for a show...this time, the cowboys were talking about how to find a girl that had been kidnapped by the indians.  The next time we road the train, the show was different.

Finally tuckered out after the first day (at 11:00 and with threats that if they didn't stop talking and go to sleep we were going to go home instead of back to Tweetsie).  We moved Anderson after this picture.  Owen hates sharing a bed with Anderson because Anderson doesn't give him any room.  

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