Friday, August 31, 2012

Lunch Surprise

Aaron surprised Owen by stopping at school and eating lunch with him today.  I sent Owen to school with an empty lunchbox so as not to ruin the surprise.  I wish I could have seen Owen's face when his 'favoritest' guy showed up.

What a great daddy the kids and I are blessed with!

I love technology...our neighbor texted this picture to me.  And, you may have heard me sighing that Aaron made it in time and Owen wasn't crushed by finding out that his mommy hadn't packed him a lunch.  

Update - Aaron just called to fill me in on lunch.  Owen had already checked his lunch box because it felt 'light' when he was unpacking his book bag.  Mommy fail.  I'll have to remember to weight it down with ice packs next time.

When a parent goes to each lunch with their child, their kid gets to pick a friend to sit with him and his parent at the special table.   We speculated on who he'd pick because he mainly talks about 2 little boys.  Well, Owen, ever the ladies man, picked a cute little girl from his class.  Watch out Macie!

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