Thursday, August 16, 2012

Kinder Update

I know, we are barely in and I'm giving an update.  No, there won't be daily updates.

Yesterday was his first full day and it was a success.  Our rule is that they stay in their rooms until there is a 7 on their clocks.  I knew we needed to leave a little earlier that morning to drop Anderson at Maria's.  But I wasn't expecting to find Owen up, bed made, teeth brushed and fully dressed at 6:45 when I went to wake them up.  You think he was excited?

I was a little stressed on the drive because traffic was crazy and it took us a bit longer than I expected.  But, we made it with time to spare and got Owen in his room and settled.

The only concern he voiced about the day was what he'd do with his lunch box.  At preschool, they put their bags in their cubbies and their lunch boxes in a big bin for the fridge.  He found his cubby on Tuesday, but didn't see a bin for his lunch.  I told him Mrs. B would let him know.

The behavior system is brown sticks are good (happy) and red sticks are for bad behavior (sad).  He told me he's going to get all brown sticks this year.
 Compare this pic to the one from Tuesday...he is so much more relaxed here.   
Today, day 3, he decided he was ready for carpool dropoff.  Such a big boy!

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