Wednesday, August 1, 2012


Well, hello!  We've been busy enjoying our summer.  We took a quick trip this past weekend and when I was downloading the pictures, discovered that I hadn't done that since Owen's birthday.  So here are a few pics to catch up and then I'll share the pics from our fun trip this past weekend.

Owen's Happy Birthday Pancake Breakfast

So excited to help Daddy do some work at Granny's....

Sweet Jordan who was looking cute cuddled up on the couch.  He is getting so old and feeble.  :(

We had VBS last week.  Owen had a blast and was so tired by the end of the week.  He was super excited to win the prize for bringing the most visitors.

VBS did not however go without a hitch.
Owen, dear son, you are way too young to be having a girlfriend, much less declaring your intent to marry.  Macie is a sweet sweet girl, but you are only 5.  Please wait at least 20 more years for this silly business.  
 If I had a nickle for everyone who mentioned Owen and Macie during the week of VBS, his first month of school tuition would be paid.  Oh my goodness...they were a mess!  And, it was/is completely mutual.  They are going to the same school for kindergarten.  Let's hope this infatuation simmers down a bit in the next 2 weeks.


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Maridith said...

So glad Owen won the prize for most visitors even though Wes was a no show!!!