Friday, August 24, 2012

After school treat

After school the other day, Miss Stephanie took us and Macie to get a nice cold snowball.  Anderson was over the moon that they had Spiderman flavor.  Owen, while excited about his Shrek flavor, was more excited that Macie was there.

Macie and Owen are in different classes, but they have recess together.  The kindergartners can be picked up before or after nap.  Owen is normally an after-napper.  The kids leaving before nap line up at recess for carpool.  I was not there for the following exchange, but this is what I was told...When they called for the 1:30 kids, Macie said 'come on Owen, you are a 1:30 today we are going to get a snowball.'  Apparently, a girl in Owen's class said 'you're not in Owen's class how do you know what he is going to do.'   Oh joy!

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