Friday, June 15, 2012

Vacation Part 3

We tried mini golf again...this year with a much better outcome!  Last year was a comedy for sure...3 pairs of pants for Anderson, so hot we only made it to about the 5th hole before giving up, kids who wanted nothing to do with mini golf.  This year, we played the whole course!  Owen played every hole and Anderson played a few, but had fun the rest of the time as well.  We enjoyed the cooler temps and not having to change Anderson's pants.  haha

I was pretty bummed to lose to Aaron by 1 stroke...especially when I had 3 hole-in-ones and no 5's...boohoo!


 Do you see the turtles behind Anderson?  There was a little one too, but he slipped in the water.
 One of the holes is on the pirate ship...bit fun for little guys.

 The arcade was just as much fun this year as last year.

 We jumped again this year too...and this also went much better than last year...again, the lower temps helped and so did the smaller crowds.  I am pretty convinced that early-June is the time to go to the beach!  Owen did a back flip!


 We got some ice cream and had to put it in a cup because Anderson just wanted to eat the cone.

 After dinner, we headed back to home base and the kids took a swim in the cold pool...the pool temps were definitely a drawback from the cooler daytime temps.

 The green goblin or turtle man?

We had such a great trip.  One more post to come with the rest of the pictures from playing on the beach.

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